About Us


Rasmussen Equipment Company / Wire Rope & Rigging Supply in Seattle WA supplies construction companies, barge and tugboat operators, marine contractors, the timber and logging industry, fishing companies and general contractors of all kinds, an extensive line of industrial grade, marine construction products for rent and for purchase.

Based in Seattle, WA with a branch in Belle Chasse, LA and an equipment distribution hub in Anderson, CA, we have one of the largest fleets of new and used winches in the United States. We carry diesel mechanical, hydraulic, electric, air or manual powered winches and inventory 1, 2, 3, and 4 drum winches to meet all of your land or marine construction needs. Fairleads, deckleads, sheaves, anchors, buoys and other assorted hardware for marine related projects are all held in stock.

Additionally, we have one of the largest fleets of sectional barges in the country including hundreds of 40’ and 20’ floats of both the Poseidon and Flexifloat brands. Ancillary products such as spuds, spudwells, ramps and rakes are all inventoried.

Lastly, we carry an extensive inventory of wire rope, rigging hardware, chain, synthetic and manila rope, web slings, and synthetics.

Our History


The first Rasmussen company was founded in 1936 by Charles Rasmussen Sr. After working as a salesman for Seattle Hardware, via horse and buggy, he started building and operating salmon fish traps, which used miles of wire rope. This evolved into the wire rope and rigging company, “Charles H. Rasmussen Company”. His son Charles Jr., “Charlie”, expanded the wire rope and rigging business into the logging/timber industry along with the local general and marine construction industries, and pioneered new business relationships in Alaska.

Rich Rasmussen took over the company in the early 1970’s and expanded into logging and marine equipment, Skagit deck winches and hoists of all types. Under his leadership, the company also opened a facility in Belle Chasse, LA in 1981 to better serve marine contractors in the Gulf Coast with its equipment. Fourth generation siblings, Rick Rasmussen and Cherise McAuley, began working with the business in the early 1990’s and were instrumental in transforming the winch division into a national offering and expanding into sectional floats.

R.C. Rasmussen Corp. was acquired by a private equity firm in 2017.